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We are a fully integrated team of dental healthcare service providers who are highly committed to your dental health and general well-being. Our team comprises of our concierge, dental surgery assistants, dental hygienist, dental surgeons and specialists who work together to provide you with an excellent level of care.

Our practice warmly welcomes expatriates and international visitors with features in place to make continuing dental care seamless and hassle-free. Being a fully IT-integrated set-up, your dental records and radiographs can be imported at just a click of a button from your referring dentist.

At Asia Healthcare Dental Surgeons, we are an "amalgam-free" practice. Amalgams not only have low esthetic value, they contain mercury and heavy metals, which are known to be toxic. Mercury has been purported to be detrimental to health. It also poses an environmental hazard in its disposal, affecting the ecosystem.

As such, here at Asia Healthcare Dental Surgeons, we provide esthetic restorations, a well-being of health and smile, at the same time, doing our part to preserve the environment we live in.

We look forward to serve you!